Statement of the Party “Velikaya Rossiya” (“The Great Russia”) on victorious referenda in Novorossia (New Russia)

1. The referenda which took place in Donetsk and Lugansk Regions on their independence from Kiev regime that arrogated to itself power via coup d’etat, are impressive events of the current history, when oligarchical groups have fewer connection with the people, and the people more and more wilfully separates its interests from those groups. The Russians of Donetsk and Lugansk Regions (Donbass) have showed to all the Russian people the way to uphold one’s legal rights. 

2. The legal status of the occurred referenda are indubitable: the State Ukraine is a result of activities of bolsheviks – betrayers of the turn of the XX century and liberals – betrayers of the close of the XX century. The sovereignty of Donetsk and Lugansk Republics is an interim status on the way toward the country reunification, as well as an action that indemnifies detriment to the state caused by the separatists who continue criminal activity in Kiev.

3. The position of the so-called “world community” regarding the latest developments in Ukraine has explicitly demonstrated that any considerations about justice of one or another state-legal reorganization, its relevance to the people opinion and legal statuses, is of no importance for this international community. The “world community” is ready to support all that does harm to Russia, but all that is good for Russia it denounces and takes vengeance on Russia for any efforts to stop dismemberment and destruction of our country. That means the following – the UNO, OSCE, PACE, NATO and other international organizations are in equal measure antagonistic to Russia, and the continuation of any discussion within the scope of these organizations makes no matter.

4. In the current situation a faulty estimate is probable with regard to a position of the Kremlin and the governing oligarchial group – as pro-Russian. The Kremlin oligarchy acts everywhere only for its own hand, and the established reunification of the Crimea and Russia as well as the separation of Novorossia from the pseudostate “Ukraine” is not a merit of the Kremlin that has always been against any conversation about a probable state reunification. Now we are faced with a period of time, when oligarchial groups started splitting, that is a result of the world crisis and attempts to compensate for falling incomes through the new sources of own enrichment. The contradictions have resulted in rigorous political conflict, which painful problems were engaged in – first of all those related to the living circumstances of the Russian residents in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the oligarchy takes no interest at all in solution of the “Russian question” somewhere. It is interested in political and economical suppression of its competitors, which it formerly lived in perfect concord with, as well in the continuation of the Russian people genocide that brings untold profits to the oligarchy.

5. We suppose that the process of Russia consolidation ought to be resumed, and all the possibilities to this effect can be used in full only by the Russian national authority that would never treat Russian compatriots ambiguously. The self-determination referenda in Donetsk and Lugansk Regions must be followed by similar referenda in other regions of Ukraine – in the first place in Odessa Region, where the monstrous crimes of the “Banderovites” regime closed the door to any attempt to approve it because of its moral turpitude. In each of these cases the next referenda must raise an issue of reunification with Russia without delay. Right after the bill of reunification the following decisions will be required: personnel purges with regard to the State machinery of “banderists” and betrayers, holding of election for public authority of representation of the people at all levels.

6. We do not consider the initiated reunification as a result of consistent policy of the Russian state authority, which was always directed towards the contrary view, but as a result of severe crisis of oligarchial regimes and of the fight of the Russian patriots who for decennaries resisted dismemberment of the State and humiliation of the Russian people. We salute our brothers who held victorious referenda, and we alert them: the anti-Russian political regime is acting in Russia, and it will be necessary for us together make considerable efforts in order to establish in our country the Russian national power acting for interests of the Russian majority and other indigenous peoples of Russia.

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