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    Helga X.

    Уважаемые сокамерники, размещаю в этой теме перевод на англ. яз. 2 документов: Программные тезисы партии «Великая Россия» и «Концепция нац. политики». Вот ссылки на эти документы на парт. сайте: http://velikoross.ru/ideology/

    В течение 2-х недель здесь же будут даны переводы этих документов на нем. и франц. языки. Конструктивные поправки приветствуются! Надеюсь, со временем этот раздел разовьётся в дискуссию с зарубежными единомышленниками и обмен опытом и новостями. Ваши предложения будут приняты с благодарностью.

    Helga X.

    The national patriotic party «Velikaya Rossiya» (in English – “The Great Russia”), being the Russian nation’s party, the party of Russian patriots, rejects western ideologies of liberalism and communism.

    As nationalists, we consider God, freedom and fairness to be the key principles of life for every person, which may be implemented within the framework of a nation state.

    All the party’s activity will be directed towards the implementation of the following measures of national revival:

    1. To unite all citizens of the state via a project of the Great Russia’s Empire construction. To implement a transition from the federative to a national form of government, free to the reunification with other native Russian soils.
    2. To stop the extinction of the Russian nation and to ensure its profiliration. To grant to large families required preferences and allowances for adequate upbringing and education of children. To consider women’s household chores as a labor activity.
    3. To exterminate poverty and unemployment in the country. To exercise the right to work for all the Russian citizens. To institute measures against spongers and asocial conduct.
    4. To ensure on a priority basis progress of small towns and settlements with up-to-date infrastructure, where every family will live in its own house.
    5. To restore the fighting efficiency of the army and the navy. To form a new army based on the universal military obligation and military training.

    6. To stop discrimination of the Russian people. To establish true equality of rights of all citizens domiciled in the Russian territory and united into the Russian nation.
    7. The Russian citizen may be the one only who belongs to the Russian nation, notably: brought up in the Russian culture, speaks the Russian language, acknowledges Russia as his sole mother country, pays respect for and honour to its history and traditions.
    8. To preclude any political rights for foreigners and persons having double citizenship. Immediately stop immigration to Russia of nonindigenous people.

    National patrimony
    9. All the land, water, air and natural resources ought to belong to the Nation.
    10. To nationalize enterprises of the military-industrial and fuel-energy complex and extractive industry, transport and communication infrastructure monopolies. To guarantee a part of proceeds from sale of natural resources to all citizens.
    11. To confiscate unrighteous riches, obtained from predatory privatization or abuse of power.

    The citizens’ freedom
    12. To release the citizens enslaved by interest capital and oligarchy. To support freedom of work and creation, liberty of thought and speech, freedom of choice of dwelling and occupation.
    13. To release small and medium-sized businesses from bureaucracy’s lawlessness. To ensure for all participants of business activity an opportunity of free competition and equal access to national resources and channels of finished product distribution.
    14. To allow all the parties political freedom of action. To ensure honest elections at all levels through open vote and equal access to mass media.

    Elites’ service
    15. To lay down a set rule: a public official is a servant of the Nation, and not its master. Public authorities must be subservient to the national interests and administrated by the Nation.
    16. To reduce manyfold the number of government officials. To force the state machine to work efficiently. To introduce capital punishment for corruption, ballot-box stuffing and high treason without a limitation period.
    17. To provide deserved maintenance (retirement pay) for the elite – for those who increase national wealth and defend Russia from its enemies.

    18. To designate advancement of the real sector of economy as its priority. To simplify cardinally tax legislation. To abolish the imaginary money system as well as to ensure the issue of monetary aggregates via commodity equivalent, and bank deposits via full reservation.
    19. To revive agriculture by introducing guaranteed fixed procurement prices for the commodity exchange staples of the prospective (next) year’s harvest.
    20. To restore the agreeable to the modern standards military-industrial complex. It must be the leader of the domestic industry and science.

    Social policy
    21. To stop commercialization of culture, education, science, medicine and sports.
    22. To fix all kinds of scholarships and retired pays not less than the living wage. To raise the level of appropriate payments in proportion to the national income growth.
    23. To renew free public education system, aimed at gaining the highest level of knowledge and skills suitable for life.

    Judicial system
    24. To secure the right of each citizen for fair trial. The fundamentals of justice are elective judges and trial by jury.
    25. To bring back the punishment by death for maniacs, pedophiles and drug dealers. To enact rigorous prosecution for trade in infringing goods, illegal trade in spirits, ethnic banditry.

    Information policy
    26. To nationalize all federal mass communication media. To introduce moral censorship and criminal prosecution of falsehood, libel, injury, misinformation, pornography and undermining of traditional moral principles.
    27. To organize the state advocacy of historical and cultural heritage, healthy living and family values.

    28. To release the Russian Orthodox Church from bureaucracy and commercialization. To restore its history-making assignment – to be the Russian people’s heart, conscience and soul.
    29. To prevent the spread of non-traditional confessions, cults and religious beliefs in Russia. To forbid propaganda of the aggressive atheism and encroachment on freedom of conscience. The Orthodox Christianity remains the pre-eminent and predominant religious denomination.

    The party «Velikaya Rossiya» declares the formation of a society, where everyone has equal rights and obligations, where a service to the Nation, the State and the Faith is considered to be a privilege.

    We regard the forthcoming Russia as a sovereign state, developing as a country of the Russian civilization that has to carry on its age-old History, uphold its traditions, adopt all the best from other peoples of the world.

    Our ideal is Russia led by a Russian Leader – the Autocratic Monarch – as well as by a new state elite and national representation.

    We start a state arranging activity, which requires selfless labour from all ranks of society. We begin working for establishment of the national dictatorship intended for deliverance of the Nation from the oligarchy’s absolute power and predominance of lie, in the name of triumph of the God’s Truth, Freedom and Justice.

    The Leaders of the Party assume the responsibility for the fulfilment of this program before the Russian people, Russia and God.

    The will of the Nation instead of the oligarchy’s dictatorship!
    Glory to Russia!

    Helga X.

    National policy concept

    The party «Velikaya Rossiya» sets itself the following goals of the national policy:
    • to stop genocide of the Russian people, started by liberal bolshevist social upheavals in the twentieth century;
    • to establish the Russian national power;
    • to ensure the Russian people’s quantitative and qualitative upsurge in Russia;
    • to keep the unity of the Russian natives, subject to the Russian people’s unconditional leadership.

    In its national policy the Party proceeds from the following definitions, notions and targets:

    1. Russians exist regardless of recognizing or negation of this fact.
    2. As Russians are defined peoples which through the ages have been called the Slavs and the Russians.
    3. Russians are people relating to the northern Caucasians. In addition to their habitation area, they have their language, history, traditions, mentality and culture.

    Russian people
    4. Russian People are a definite anthropological type, but not only that alone determines their belonging to the Russians.
    5. Russian people are those who along with their blood carry the Russian spirit, and whose mentality is based on the Russian tradition and culture, and who are inseparably connected their present and future with the Russians and the Russian nation.
    6. As per historical experience, a Russian person is only someone who knows himself to be Russian. If anybody doubts that he is Russian – he is not Russian any longer than.

    Russian nation
    7. There is the only nation in Russia – the Russian nation, generated by the Russian people who suffered major hardships in the course of building and defence of the Russian state.
    8. There is neither “nation of Russia” nor “multinational Russian people”. The false substitution of the association of nationalities (ethnic groups), living in the territory of Russia, by a community of nations unavoidably leads to disintegration of the Russian state.
    9. Introduction of a definition “nation of Russia” is an attempt to restore artificially at the new stage of historical development an analogue of the notion “Soviet people”, which became a thing of the past.

    Internationalists and cosmopolites
    10. Not all Russians by blood belong to the Russian people. Many people refused from ideals of the Russian world, the Russian tradition and the Russian culture, and bound themselves spiritually with enemies of the Russian people. They became internationalists and cosmopolitans.
    11. As a rule, cosmopolitans tend to live in foreign states. They prefer to hold their assets and property in countries which are unfriendly to Russia, and they eventually lose touch with the Russian people and run over to Russia’s enemies.

    Citizens and subjects /nationals/ of the State
    12. A citizen of Russia is only someone who is willing to be fully liable to the Russian State – from military duty up to tax payment, and who is inseparably connected with the Russian nation.
    13. Groups who historically reside in the country’s compact territories as national minorities, but not wishing to execute citizens’ duty to the full extent, would be considered subjects of Russia, having limited electoral rights.

    Indigenous and nonindigenous peoples
    14. Indigenous are those peoples, incl. Cossacks, who resided in their territories before they had been included into Russia.
    15. Indigenous peoples remain in Russia as per acceptance of the right of the Russian people’s precedence. If any people (a nationality) wish to live out of the Russian statehood, it must find a place of residing in other areas.
    16. Representatives of nonindigenous peoples may live in Russia only because of the Russian people’s will in accordance with immigration law and nationality law.
    17. Representatives of nonindigenous peoples, coming to Russia from other countries, can not have any political or social rights besides alien visitors’ rights. They are obliged to leave the country at the expiration of the fixed period.
    18. A representative of a nonindigenous people, spreading antistate propaganda or opposing the cultural traditions of Russia, is liable to a deportation.

    Fraternal peoples
    19. Native peoples, who together with the Russian people serve the Russian polity, are fraternal peoples.
    20. Representatives of fraternal peoples have all citizens’ rights in the Russian territory.
    21. Russia is open to consolidation with those fraternal peoples which resided in the united state jointly with the Russian people in the past.
    Territorial integrity
    22. Russia is one and indivisible.
    23. Russia can not be territorially divided on the basis of ethnic identity.
    24. The Russian state secures national-cultural autonomies for indigenous peoples.

    Russian power
    25. The Russian power will first and foremost uphold the interests of the Russian people, citizens and nationals of Russia.
    26. The Russian power will do everything required for maintenance of friendly coexistence of Russia’s indigenous inhabitants.
    27. The Russian power will restore the Russian people’s demographic potential.
    28. The Russian power will grant citizenship to Russian compatriots residing abroad, in the order of filing an application.

    The key to our headway and our Victory is within our understanding of how we can re-establish Russia and resolve the Russian national question. Nothing but our national solidarity and the Russian willpower can overcome “the golden calf” cult and oligarchial enslavement of our nation in order to restore Russia’s true Freedom and Justice.

    The will of the Nation instead of the oligarchy’s dictatorship!
    Glory to Russia!


    Beautiful!Thank u!:smile1:

    В. Панфилов

    Welcome-Добро пожаловать.
    Непонятно, Вы приглашаете вступить в партию ВР или приглашаете к сотрудничеству? Судя по выкладке ваших позиций-вступить в партию.
    Нет даже намёка на сотрудничество.
    Прочитает, допустим, немец ваши выкладки- и что? Немца волнуют немецкие проблемы. Русского- русские проблемы.
    Стоит находить общие проблемы, общего врага.

    В первую очередь, стоит обратиться к соратникам ВР проживающие в ближнем и дальнем зарубежье. Они знающие, кто есть кто, на месте-могут быть связующим звеном для сотрудничества.
    А так можно «сотрудничать» с «котом в мешке».
    В Сербии некоторые националисты уважают Путина. Вы же не хотите с такими общаться.

    В. Панфилов

    Уважаемые сокамерники,

    Надеюсь это ошибка.

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